The Investigators

We took part in ‘Speak Out.’ Our topic for discussion was ‘We waste too many of Earths Resources’ Everyone wrote a speech in Literacy and presented it to the class. The class voted for the best speech. The Rotary Club awarded our team as the winners because they liked the humor in our speech.


As part of our Journeys topic we wanted to experience camping. We camped on the school field, toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate. Back in class, we wrote spooky stories about camping. designed and made models of what our campsite would look like.

We visited York Minister. We had a tour of the Minister. As part of the visit we dressed up as different members of the Clergy. We found out that the artistic masterpiece took more than 250 years to build. The octagonal room (pictured above) is one of the oldest parts of the Minster. It was begun in 1260 and completed in 1286. Some of the York Minster’s finest and oldest carvings decorate the walls of the octagonal Chapter House. We also learned about how a Rose window survived the blaze in 1984,however it damaged into around 40,000 individual pieces of glass. Restoration took 4 years and cost over £2 million.


The Investigators went to East Barnby. It was an amazing experience for us all. We stayed for 2 nights and 3 days.

Day 1

We went beck-scrambling. We climbed through caves and our jellysuits filled up with water.

Day 2 

We went rock climbing, it was amazing. There was 4 stages and ‘Dan The Man’ made it all the way to the top of one!

Day 3

We went den building. We worked together as a team to make some amazing dens. We also made and drank hot chocolate.

By Felix Locker