The Adventurers

We have been very busy on trips and exploring the outdoors. Recently we haven taken the time to develop and plant a reflective garden. We planted a variety of flowers, herbs and even some fruits and vegetables!

As a school we all contribute to caring for the ‘Prayer Garden’. This is often done at lunch times with the help of Mrs Chadwick. 

The children enjoy using this area to think, say prayers or just to enjoy taking care of our school environments. 



We had a fantastic day pond dipping on the Fylingdales moor. We spotted lots of birds, including sky larks, and during the pond dipping we were lucky enough to catch newts and beetles and many other pond-dwelling creatures. 

We had a great day that linked in well with our science topic of ‘rocks’ and the local land, as well as making links with RE where we are learning about animals’ habitats and our environment.